The road to Whitefish

Today was our last day of cycling. On Saturday, we’ll take the train out of Whitefish, Montana and head back to Wisconsin. Until then, we’re resting at our friend’s Meg and Steve’s house. Resting will include a drive up Logan Pass (the Road to the Sun) and golf (haven’t played in a decade or so).

There’s a blend of emotions with the end of the bike tour. There’s relief that we completed the ride without major mechanical or health issues. There’s a sense of accomplishment that we were able to do the ride together and not grow tired of each other’s company. But there is also some sadness–it’s been a joy to bike tour with Kait, but all good things much come to completion.

Resting a few days before returning to Milwaukee is a good call. Part of me wants go home now, but it will be good to arrive back in Milwaukee rested.

Biking on the 4th of July.
Spotted some bald eagles along the bike path outside of Kalispell–on the 4th of July no less.

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