The Missoula Farmers Market

On our way out of Missoula, Kait and I stopped off at the Saturday morning Farmers Market, located downtown next to the Clark Fork River. We’ve done our fare share of farmers markets over the last 2 decades, and this one was the best (well, let’s say that it rivals the Madison Farmers Market). Not just in terms of number of vendors, but because of the quality of the produce, the countless baked goods, the live music at every turn, and the man in the utilikilt selling organic dog treats.

It was hard to leave Missoula–it’s a fun place to hang out in early July. But on we must go, heading north to Whitefish so we can catch a train home. The journey is nearing completion, just a week left of cycling adventure.

Kait strolling through the farmer’s market.
Kait said the Danish she had was the best she’s ever had–and she’s had here share of Danishes.
The Utilikilt. I think I just might ask for this for my birthday (which happens to be July 18th!). 
We ordered a blend of the guava and pineapple. It was a tasty treat on the side of the road 4 hours after leaving Missoula and biking up toward Whitefish. 
Kait rides the dinosaur on our way out of town.

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