I love my son, I love my daughter

Kait and I are taking a rest day today in Portland, hanging out at Evan’s place. He’s spending the summer in Portland, renting a house with 2 other college students. He found work at a local organic grocery, and I’m very proud of him–for wanting to spend the summer on his own in Portland, for finding good people to share a house with, for finding a job that will pay the bills and a job that will continue into the school year.

I’m proud of Kait for going on this bike ride with me, for having a good job as a baker lined up when she returns to Minneapolis, for putting up with me as we bike around the Pacific Northwest.

Pride is an odd emotion. I want to say I love my kids more so that I’m proud of them; that makes more sense. But I am proud of the people they’ve become and the people they are becoming. More important, I’m glad they want me to be part of who they are.

Evan makes breakfast before heading off for his first day at the new job.
Kait writes in her journal and posts messages to her friends back in Minnesota. 

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