We’re a couple of weeks into our cycling adventure, and it was time for a rest day. A bicycle tourist takes a rest day about once a week; we’re 16 days into our adventure, so we pushed that envelope a bit so we could get over the North Cascades, and that came at a price. I developed a bad chest cold, probably as the result of the rain storm we encountered descending Rainy Pass. So it’s good to rest, recover.

It’s good to relax at our friends’ Denny and Suzanne’s house on the south end of Whidbey Island. Yesterday, I sat in a chair, literally, for 6 hours straight, across from Kait, who sat on a bench for the same amount of time. It was so good to be stationary. These big bike rides teach you to value the simplest things–like a warm room, a kitchen you can make a raspberry pie in, rooms lined with books.

Tomorrow, we’ll take the Amtrak to Portland and continue our cycling adventure. But today, today is another rest day. Time to recover. Time to reflect on what we’ve done so far.

The view from the front window.
The raspberry pie we enjoyed after a salmon dinner. 
Kait’s new cycling socks!

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