Too much drama

Yesterday was dramatic. We awoke at four in the morning to summit Washington Pass–which we did, at 10:00 a.m. We put on all our clothes–arm warmers, gloves, Gortex shells, hats, leggings–and descended, only to climb up Rainy Pass. And then descended, through the rain, to Ross Lake.

We were cold to the core. I mean, a deep cold, and it was still raining with no end in site. We went to the campground, warmed up in the Rangers’ office, got a campsite, set up the tents, and crawled into our sleeping bags. Two hours later, we made some coffee to get warm inside, and then we met a great couple–Emma and Morgan. They invited us into their campsite, gave us some beer, made a fire, and we had about 6 hours of great conversation that was full of laughter. They’re from Canada, and they asked if we could explain the Trump presidency; that took some time to discuss.

Climbing Washington Pass.
Ross Lake, this morning.

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