Warm Showers

For the last 3 nights, we’ve benefited from the Warm Showers network. It’s a community of cyclists that host other cyclists who are traveling through the area. We stayed in people’s homes in Kettle Falls, Republic, and Omak.

Last night’s hosts, Lynette Rose and Larry Witt–and their daughter Gus. We rolled into Omak, planning on staying at the camp area in the fairgrounds, only to find out when we arrived the the water was off, which meant no shower, no bathroom facility, no drinking water. Kait and I weren’t sure what to do–just keep biking down the road? It was hot, and we were  spent. We went to the local Co-op where they had complementary WiFi, checked the Warm Showers website, found out that Lynette, Larry and Gus lived 5 blocks from where we were, gave them a call, apologized for the last minute request, let them know that they could say “sorry, no” if they wanted to because it was so very last minute… but they said “Come on up!”

We were there in ten minutes.We through our tents up in the yard, took a shower, and enjoyed a great chicken dinner with the family.

I enjoy bike touring because it introduces you to good people. I like Warm Showers because it’s a bit of a guarantee that the people are good.

The view from the home of our Warm Shower hosts in Republic, Washington, DiAnne and Boyd.

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