Packing up Kait’s stuff

Kait graduates from St. Olaf College today! But before we watch her receive her degree, we have to pack up all her stuff (as happens when college graduates leave their academic institution for the last time). Her landlord is going to let her store a bunch of boxes of whatnot in the attic, and her friend is letting Kait store 3 of her bikes, and her bike trailer, in a garage across town. When Sue and Evan drive back to Milwaukee tomorrow, they’ll take the rest of Kait’s stuff–along with Kellogg, her cat.

And the rest of her stuff will go into the panniers on her new touring bike, the stuff she’ll be living off of for the next 6 to 7 weeks. Her bags are packed, and she’s ready to go. All we have left to do, before biking up to St. Paul tomorrow morning so we can catch a train to Sandpoint, Idaho, is watch her complete her undergraduate goal.

I’m proud of her–proud of who she is and who is becoming–and grateful that she wants to go on a biking adventure with her Dad.

We agreed that each of us can bring one “comfort item” on the trip. Kait’s comfort item is Pig.

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