The home office

We recently purchased a new sofa from West Elm. It’s amazing–each cushion is covered in goose down. It’s the kind of sofa that you cannot get off of, it’s so comfortable.

Before we had the new sofa, we would sit on a futon mattress when we’d watch movies in the TV room. We called it the “slouch couch”, because the more you’d slouch, the more the mattress would slide off of it. I’m a sloucher, so I loved the slouch couch. I like the new sofa, but I love the slouch couch.

Then I had an idea: what if the slouch couch became a desk in a home office? What if I had a desk that I could slouch on? After all, I work on my computer when sitting on the couch in our family room; how different would it be to have a dedicated space where I would write on my computer or do research reading books–while slouching? I’ve never been one for a desk and office chair. I don’t like sitting upright. This new “office furniture” seems like a better fit for my disposition.

The new West Elm couch that displaced the slouch couch, thus creating a new desk in the home office.

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