One way

On May 29th, my daughter and I are going to take an Amtrak from St. Paul, Minnesota to Spokane, Washington. We’re departing the day after she graduates from St. Olaf College with her degree in Asian Studies (with an art emphasis). It’s a one-way train trip. We’re biking back.

We’re biking back by going over the North Cascades Highway, visiting family in Seattle, celebrating Evan’s birthday with him in Portland, and taking the Lewis and Clark route that will go over Lolo Pass, through Missoula, through Bizmark, all the way back to “The Cities”.

I love one-way tickets. We have a plan as to how we’ll get back, but you never know. Variables may get in the way, those moments in the journey that will make it a journey.

The route (more or less) we’ll take to get back to The Cities.