The blue loop

Yesterday, I took the Fatboy out on the Blue Loop of the John Muir trail system in the Southern Kettle Moraine. The DNR describes the loop as 12 miles of “…hard trail with very rocky section, many hard up hills and several fast down hills.” Riding a fat bike helps mitigate the risk involved in riding the blue loop; it’s 4.8 inch-wide tires role right over the rock gardens and tree roots. It’s design also forces the rider to slow down just enough so that you look around at the natural wonders of the Southern Kettle Moraine.

The DNR calls this the “blue loop” as a way of distinguishing it from the other loops on this particulate trail system. I call it the blue loop because I tend to ride it when I’m feeling blue. It’s a great cure for melancholy. The exposure to the woods, the physical exertion of riding this particular trail, the hours it takes to do the entire loop… it makes the blues go away.

A thunderstorm passed through last night, dumping a ton of rain, so the trails are closed again until they dry out. Here’s hoping they open before another patch of melancholy comes along.

blue loop 2
A path to serenity.

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