The upstairs window

I love privacy, which is why I live in a house in a quiet neighborhood–which is why it’s a bit weird that the window in the upstairs master-bedroom looks directly into a bedroom in the house next door. If you’re not careful, you can see a bit more than you might care to. We draw the window shade, as do the neighbors, to ensure a semblance of separation.

Except in the morning. Sue and I always spend the first 45 minutes of the day having coffee in bed. From the right angle, this time of year, you can watch the sunrise through the trees in the distance. It’s a good way to start a winter day, watching the sun come up and hit the window, watching the frost melt on the window panes.

It’s why we raise the shade in the morning–to watch the sun present itself to yet another wonderful day. Sure, the neighbors may see me having coffee with my wife in bed in the morning, but that’s a chance I just have to take.

The sun rising in the distance on a Sunday morning.

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