Cleaning house

We’re cleaning out the downstairs this weekend–throwing out the stuff on the storage shelves that hasn’t been touched in years, moving the indoor exercise bikes to a more prominent location, ironing the pile of shirts that haven’t been ironed since last summer… it will be a formidable task.

The task I’m not looking forward to is taking down the art. 4 years ago, Kait used the basement as her bedroom, before she went off to college. When she lived down there, she hung her artwork on the walls. We left it up when she moved because it’s pretty cool work.

She’s since developed her talent as she’s taken art courses in college. Maybe the art in the basement reminds me of who Kait was before she left for college, when she was still my baby girl.

Kait would find stuff that the neighbors would throw out, such as this broken guitar, and turn it into art.
An interpretation of an Andy Warhol.
This one reminds me of footprints in the sand.
A collage of her growing up with Evan.
I leave this one up to your own interpretation.

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