February flowers

When I lived in Seattle, February was always the longest month of the year. I’d commute to work in the dark, work in a windowless office, and commute home in the dark. It felt as if the month lasted 45 days. If you were fortunate enough to get outside in the middle of the day, you probably wouldn’t find sunlight, since it’s terminally gray in Seattle.

Life in Milwaukee, in February, is a contrast to those dreary winter days in Seattle. I don’t have to wake up early and commute to work in the dark, because I don’t have to fight traffic for 3 hours out of the day. I leave the house when it’s light out, and I ride my bike to work instead of driving a car (and cycling is good for the soul regardless of what month or season it is).

I thought about this yesterday when I was at the grocery buying food. I thought I’d get Sue some flowers. It’s somewhat odd, buying flowers in February. The colors burst with energy, like sunlight; it reminds you that the days are getting longer, and the snow will eventually melt, and spring will inevitably happen.

I decided to get Sue some red roses.

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