Cold walk

It’s important to get outside in winter. Daylight is limited, which makes it all the easier to spend time inside. You need some daylight when the days are short.

Rush needs to get outside. If we don’t take him on walks, he paces the house, whining incessantly like a child. Which is good, because it gets me off the couch to grab his leash and walk him.

Today was a good day for Rush. First, we visited Virmond Park, where he ran open in a field of frozen grass and snow (the photos are from this park). Here’s a video of Rush running.

Then we walked the Katherine Kearney Carpenter Dog Park, where Rush was able to play with an 8th month old Hungarian Vizla named Mila.

What’s good for Rush is good for us. We all benefited from being outside on a cold Sunday afternoon. Now I don’t feel guilty sitting on the couch, having a beer and enjoying the fire with my friend Rush.

Walking Rush.

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