The Frog

When we visit my daughter, Kait, in Northfield, Minnesota, we stay at The Froggy Bottoms River Suites, located directly above the river pub. Kait’s lived here off-and-on for 4 years; when we first started to visit her, we’d stay at one of the hotels lining the main drag–the AmericInn or the Country Inn & Suites. But those establishments are short on character, which is by design.

The Frog (as we’ve come to call it), in contrast, is nothing but character. The room we like to rent is full of small frog ornaments, frog paintings, and froggy stuffed animals. The view out the window is of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles located across the street. At one in the morning, the river pub downstairs closes, and all of its patrons shuffle out into the street, making a ruckus that is interesting to listen to. And at several times during the night, a train runs through town, blowing a whistle that only a local could sleep through.

The Frog is quintessential Northfield. It’s unique, like this small town south of The Cities is unique. Like my daughter Kait is wonderfully unique.

The best decoration in The Frog is the painting hanging over the bed. It’s a portrait of a woman who has blue eye-shadow; one eye is slightly lower than the other. It’s a bit out of sync with all the frogs adorning the room; maybe that’s what makes it work.

Sue prepares a snack for Rush in The Frog. 

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