Lucy, my family’s yellow lab, passed away a year and a half ago. She was the perfect dog: an easy going disposition, always smiling, great with kids… a constant and ongoing source of love and affection. It’s the disposition of Labradors, but Lucy was more than a lab. She was the best dog you ever met.

Our family has a history of rescuing dogs from shelters. Lucy was the one exception; we picked her up at a breeder in Washington State.  When she died, we decided to adopt a dog at a pet event at Hoovers Hause All Dog Rescue. That’s where we met Rush, a mix that came from a kill shelter in Tennessee. They shipped him up to Wisconsin, along with a gaggle of other dogs, to find homes, and Rush found our home.

He is not perfect. He growls when he approaches other dogs on our dog walks. He is a bit too interested in the food on the kitchen counter. He likes to take on alpha males at the dog park. But it’s these imperfections that make him who he is–an intelligent, passionate rescue dog that has a bit of damage.

We all come with some damage. And though it’s the lack of damage that made Lucy so unique, it is the damage–the stuff that Rush and I have to work on day in and day out–that makes us such good friends.

Rush takes a nap.

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