Home brew

One of my Christmas gifts (thanks to my father-in-law) was a home-brew kit for making beer. I’ve always wanted to learn how to home-brew but have been afraid to venture down this path since there’s a bit of a learning curve involved. Fortunately, my neighbor, Matt, who converted his garage into a bit of a brewery, took me to the home-brew supply store and showed me what I needed to purchase to get into the game. Then we spent the next 4 hours in my kitchen, going through the process of cooking up a batch of what will become porter.

Matt used to be the science teacher at the middle-school my kids attended. Kait, home for the holidays, thought it was pretty cool that her former science teacher was brewing in our kitchen, putting all that scientific chemistry knowledge to work.

The end result: 6.5 gallons of what will be beer.

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