The knee and the needles

One of the reasons why I love my wife so much is that she’s a learner. Sometimes it’s her culinary talents that get expanded, when she finds a new recipe to attempt. Other times it’s her explorations into a balanced and centered mindset. But she’s also a learner when it comes to her career–veterinary medicine. You have to be a learner when it comes to being a veterinarian, because so much of the science of her discipline changes in real-time.

She’s currently getting certified in acupuncture at The Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Just last weekend, she flew to Florida and passed her practical and written exams! I’m very proud of her, because studying for these exams was difficult. I mean, who wants to take an exam? That’s no fun, but the test did enable her to prove her mastery of veterinary acupuncture.

There is a side benefit. She can practice on me as well as on our pets. My knee was sore this morning from all the fat bike riding I’ve been up to lately. I want to ride the fat bike into work today, so Sue did some acupuncture to help reduce the inflammation. It’s ‘non-traditional” medicine for those of us reared in the west, but boy does it ever work.

Time to go ride my bike.

My cat, Moe Moe, is wondering what that thing is sticking out of my knee.

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