A jar of happiness

My wife makes bone broth. She puts a bunch of bones and vegetables in the slow-cooker and lets it brew for a couple of days. The broth ends up serving as the base for some rather tasty meals such as french onion soup or steak stew.

That’s how I think about it, the end result being tasty meals. But Sue’s into it for its nutritional value. If you think about it, our ancestors used to eat the entire animal–from tip to toe. And as a result, our bodies rely on the nutrition offered by the entire animal. Nowadays, those of us who do eat meat typically consume select muscle groups, not the entire animal. Granted, the bones of an animal are not the entire animal, but there is a bunch of nutritional whatnot going on in bones that the vast majority of us don’t consume.

That is, unless, you consume bone broth. You can buy bone broth in the store, but like most things in life, it’s better if you make it at home.

Sue likes to put words on the jars of broth: peace, calming, happiness. Today’s jar of broth sports the happiness label. The idea is that the broth will bring you happiness if it’s intended to do so. And I must admit, a big pot of french onion soup on a cold December evening makes me happy.


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