Monday morning commute

For 8 years, I worked in high-tech as a project manager. Over the span of those years, I had 6 different employers. I’d work a job until I didn’t like it anymore, and I’d find another job. You would think that I’d figure it out–that it wasn’t the employer I didn’t like but the work. I couldn’t for some reason. Not until one Monday morning, when I found myself driving to work as slowly as possible because I didn’t want to arrive.

I thought about that long drive to work this Monday morning as I was riding my bike to work down the Oak Leaf Trail. The sun was just coming up, the path had been recently plowed, and my fat bike was humming right along. It was one of the best commutes to work I’ve ever experienced.

It helps that I now enjoy my job–teaching at the university. The whole way into work, all I could think about was what I was going to do today, how I was going to teach, how to best adjust the lesson plan.

I tell my students to “follow your bliss,” an idea I gleaned from Joseph Campbell. The hard part of this is figuring out what your bliss is, and once that’s determined, giving yourself permission to follow it. I found my bliss by going back to the classroom, and doing so on a fat bike.

A few blocks from work, I stopped to watch the sun rise over Lake Michigan. 

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