The office Buddha

I have a friend, Jay, who lives in Hong Kong. About twenty or so years ago, Jay sent me a letter (back when sending letters was a thing), letting me know he was going to visit North America. He wanted to know if we could rendezvous; he also asked if there was anything he could bring from China as a gift. I said he could bring a Buddha statue since I didn’t have one. So that’s what Jay did, because Jay is a good friend.

I keep the Buddha statue in my office at work, right in front of a Chinese painting that my daughter, Kait, brought back with her when she studied in Shanghai. Every once in a while, I’ll stop and appreciate the Buddha, with his backdrop of Chinese landscape. He brings an element of serenity to the office, which is often needed when I get worked up about course-loads, assignments to grade, texts to read, etc.

It’s good to have serene symbols such as this statue. Good to have the Buddha in my life.


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