Pictures and words

When I started this blog, I bought a Nikon digital camera so I could take photos, images that would help illustrate the ideas I was writing about. That was the idea, but what happened more often than not was my taking a picture and then writing a blog about the photo.

Then I upgraded from a flip-phone to a smart phone, thinking that I’d probably take more photos with the phone since it’s difficult to always have a big bulky camera with you. But, what happened, was I took less photos, and as a result I’ve been writing fewer blogs.

Why? I think it’s because the big camera is just more fun to use. And, there’s an intentionality that comes with lugging that big camera around in my book bag. The camera on the smart phone is certainly more convenient, but there’s a downside to convenience.

My goal is to go back to using the Nikon. Here’s hoping it gives me more images, hence ideas, to blog about.


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