Remembering Matt Stachelski

Yesterday, friends and family of Matt Stachelski shared a bike ride to honor his memory. We rode up to the Estabrook Beer Garden, shared some beverages and snacks, and then held a remembrance, gathering in the shade of a tall oak tree to share stories of our time with him. I only knew a few people at the remembrance, because most of the folks represented different facets of his life that I was not part of. There were his friends from grade-school who were still his friends up until the end. His co-workers and professors. People who didn’t spend much time with him, but people who were nonetheless impacted by his generous spirit. And then there were members of his family. Sarah, his sister, who read the beautiful eulogy at Matt’s memorial service stood with her brother, Andy, and listened to everyone’s collected memory of Matt. At the end, Matt’s mom shared her gratitude for having Matt in her life, how it’s still difficult, every day, to not have him be physically present.

I doubt Matt knew how much of an impact he had on the people he spent time with. He wasn’t the kind of person who would track impact; he just lived his life and was the person he was supposed to be. That’s why we all enjoyed him so much.

Please join us next year, when we’ll once again take an afternoon to remember Matt.











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