Just hangin’ around

Here’s a photo of my beautiful wife enjoying her hammock. It’s where she reads books, takes naps, plays with the dog–all the important things. It’s easy to love my wife when she’s in the hammock because it enables her to be herself. No worries about work, because she does not bring the laptop to the hammock. No worries about the kids, because they can’t fit in the hammock. And no worries about me, because I leave her alone when she’s in her hammock. It’s her portable sanctuary, and extension of her best self.

When Kait and Evan graduated from high school, we gifted them each with hammocks. It’s a metaphor for “just hangin’ around,” a way of saying “Don’t work too hard in college.”

If you don’t have a hammock, you should think about it. REI has good deals. All you need to do is find a couple of trees to hang it from.


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