You can now purchase The Descent into Happiness on Amazon by going here.

I have mixed feelings about marketing the book on Amazon. People expect to find it there, and I want them to find the book, buy it, and read it. I must admit that I’m a heavy Amazon Prime user. But I know that the ease with which we can purchase books (and just about anything else) on Amazon hurts local businesses.

Farhad Manjoo writes that “…no company in recent years has done more than Amazon to ignite a national passion for buying, reading, and even writing new books.

Stephen Marche argues that we should purchase books in bookstores because people who work in bookstores “…know what is happening in the world of books more than reviewers or publishers or authors themselves.

I think they’re both right. And I like the idea of having readers buying the book in local bookstores. But if you don’t live near a local bookstore that carries the book, Amazon may be the best option.


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