The Matt Stachelski Memorial Bike Ride

One of my all-time favorite students was Matt Stachelski. He graduated in 2011; I was a bit disappointed when he graduated, because he was such a great student. He always worked hard. He had a wonderfully dry wit. And he always, always helped others inside and outside of class. We even co-presented at a Servant-Leadership conference once: he was both my student and my colleague.

Matt died last October “…as a result of a fire at his residence.” It’s been difficult, coming to terms with Matt’s passing. But it’s something one needs to process, this sense of loss–senseless loss. So I’ve been working with Matt’s sister, Sarah, as well as with my colleagues at MSOE to launch the first-annual Matt Stachelski Memorial Bike Ride.

Putting this event together has enabled me to keep Matt present in my memories. Doing the ride on July 17th will be healing. We plan on biking from MSOE up to the beer garden in Estabrook Park, so we can all hoist a beer and tell stories about what a great guy Matt was. Then we’ll bike back to campus. Matt loved to bike. I’m glad we’re able to celebrate his memory doing something he enjoyed:

riding behind matt
Riding behind Matt.



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