Used shoes

I’m the type of a consumer who likes to purchase high-quality products that last a long, long time. Much to the chagrin of my wife, I’ve warn the same shorts, shoes, jackets, jeans, and t-shirts for over the last decade. In my defense, these time-honored articles are well made. I mean, how else could that last so long?

This is especially true of my cycling attire. Take, for example, my  mountain bike shoes. My friend Denny gifted them to me a while back. They are made by a company called Lake and they lasted a good long time. I used them on the daily commute to work and back, on all of the recent mountain bike excursions, and they even protected my feet on last summer’s cross-country bike tour.

But it’s time to let them go–into the trash. The liners are busting open, the soles are warn to the cleat, and the Boa closure system is shot. I’ll miss these shoes, and I’ll enjoy the process of shopping for their replacement.

used shoes 2
Hard to let go of these mountain bike shoes.

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