Another wonderful beer garden

I love commuting to work on a bike. It’s about 6 miles between the house and work, and the possible routes are numerous:

  • Humboldt Avenue: the most direct route that takes you past Colectivo Coffee’s main roasting facility, which means the aroma of coffee roasting; then you ride past Lakefront Brewery, which means the aroma of beer brewing.
  • Milwaukee River Trail: takes you on some tame trails that run along the edge of the Milwaukee River, right through the heart of Milwaukee.
  • Oak Leaf Trail: a dedicated bike path that begins a few blocks from the house and is only a few blocks from work.

The Oak Leaf Trail route goes by the Hubbard Park Beer Garden. It’s a temptation to stop in for a mug of brew (on the way home from work); it’s also an opportunity to look out over the river and assess the day’s events–to pause and reflect on the work life, on the domestic life, and on the necessary separation between the two.

Rent the mug and buy the beer.
Smart to have the beer garden alongside a bike path.

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