Coffee with a colleague

Academics drink coffee, and I am an academic. Why coffee? Well, there’s all that research that tells us how coffee acts “… as high-performance brain fuel [making it] liquid gold, and it’s not surprising that coffee’s primary active ingredient, caffeine, is the globe’s most commonly used psychoactive drug.” I use my brain for a living, I enjoy psycho-activity, so, I drink coffee.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a cup of brew with a colleague of mine, Dr. Todd Davis. We were discussing pedagogical techniques; specifically, we were talking about the type of problems you introduce to students. Do you give them small problems to solve, and let those small problems prepare them to solve larger problems, or do you introduce large problems and then point out the small problems that are associated? I’m not sure we reached an answer to this academic conundrum, but what we did create was some great discussion about how to enhance our academic performance. In part because we were consuming the globes most commonly used psychoactive drug.

If you’re visiting downtown Milwaukee, check out Grace Place Coffee. They close at noon, so get there early.

grace place
Grace Place.

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