Warm Showers

Warm Showers is a “…a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists. People who are willing to host touring cyclists sign up and provide their contact information, and may occasionally have someone stay with them and share great stories and a drink.” I benefited from the Warm Showers network last summer when I did the ride from Seattle to Milwaukee, staying at people’s homes along the way. It was great to meet other cyclists and share the stories of my trip in real-time.

When the ride ended last summer, I decided to be a host for Warm Showers, and started to look forward to the opportunity of having bicycle tourists stay at our house. Fortunately (and somewhat unfortunately for me), there are a plethora of hosts in the greater Milwaukee area, making it statistically unlikely that I’d have the opportunity to host someone.

That changed yesterday, when Alan Thompson contacted me, asking if he could spend the night at our house. Which he did, and it was wonderfully mutually beneficial. Alan, a seasoned cyclists and author of One Time Around: A Solo World Bicycle Journey, enjoyed dinner at our place, had a chance to do some laundry, and engaged in ample conversation over a couple of beers. I benefited by listening to Alan’s stories, asking him all kinds of questions about his world travels as well as his current bike ride which has taken place over the last 9 months: he’s traveled over 9,000 miles around the perimeter of the country. Alan is an inspiration, and thanks to the Warm Showers network, I am once again inspired to do another bike tour.

Alan is riding for 2 causes: to raise funds and support for Habitat for Humanity and Save the Children. To find out more, or make a donation, click here.

alen 2
Breakfast with Alan.

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