Poetic Sensibility

I was talking about poetry with Beulah, one of the baristas at Stone Creek Coffee, and mentioned that I’d published a chapbook of poems back in 2004. I have a long history with reading and writing poetry, going all the way back to the formative years at Whitworth College and then the pursuit of an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Lots of poetry going on back then, and along with it the poetic sensibility. The pursuit of the poem. Always looking for an image or experience that could eventually become a poem.

That’s what I miss most about writing poetry. It isn’t so much writing the poems as it is looking for them.

I returned to Stone Creek later that day and gave Beulah a copy of the chapbook, In Sixteen Hands of Shadow, and told her that I’d give her the book if she’d be willing to talk about the poems.

Yesterday, I returned to the coffee shop, since I go there most every day, and Beulah and I talked about one of the poems that has the image of a shadow in a ravine. It made me recall not just the poem but when I found the poem’s image.


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