The baked pancake

I love breakfast, and as a result, my kids love breakfast, because I took great pleasure in making them pancakes, muffins, biscuits, omelets, and more pancakes when they were growing up.

Unfortunately, they are grown up, which means the opportunity to prepare them a morning culinary masterpiece is dissipating. Thank goodness I took the time this weekend to make Evan, who is soon leaving for college, a Dutch Baby. They are splendidly simple to create; the recipe only calls for butter, eggs, flour and milk (or heavy cream if you’re schwifty). And are they good.

I asked one of my classes of college students, How many of you have had a Dutch Baby before? Only one of them said Yes. How sad is that?

It’s time we all start baking each other Dutch Babies.

dutch 2
In the background, beyond  the pure maple syrup, Evan eats his Dutch Baby.

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