Solving clouds

Q: How do you have a realization of scale?

A: You stare at clouds.

It’s finally warm enough in Wisconsin to sit in the back yard in the Adirondack chair and stare up at the sky, for no other reason than pondering the slow motion of clouds.

Yes, it’s nice to have realizations of scale, but you can’t be too intentional about having them. There’s a process involved, a methodology of sorts:

  1. You need a problem to solve
  2. you need to research a solution to the problem, but
  3. you also need clouds and an Adirondack chair.

Sit in the chair, look up at the sky, try to match the pace of the clouds floating by, and let your mind slow down enough that it can connect the pieces of the solution to your problem. Do that enough, and you soon have few problems to solve.

clouds 2


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