The book launch

I want to thank everyone who attended last Thursday’s book launch of The Descent into Happiness at Boswell Books. What a great time! Over 50 people were in attendance, and 44 books were sold.

I’d like to thank the following people for enabling the event to happen:

  • Daniel, who owns and operates Boswell Books, for enabling the launch to take place—providing a stage for a local author;
  • Paul from Ben’s Cycle, for helping promote the event and writing a thoughtful blog post about one of the book’s central messages—how it’s a bit of a love story;
  • Mark Zimmerman, for providing a great introduction and talking about our mutual passion for writing process;
  • Ethan Casey, the book’s publisher, for flying all the way from Seattle to attend and promote Blue Ear Books;
  • Sue, who the book is dedicated to, and Evan, my son, who I love to ride bikes with;
  • As well as colleagues from work, cycling friends, friends from the neighborhood, and those I know from my days of working with inner-city non-profits.

But what was most meaningful was meeting people who I didn’t know. After the reading and presentation (a series of photographs of the places I went and people I met on last summer’s “big bike ride”), I signed copies of the book and was able to ask each person, “So why did you decide to come to tonight’s reading?” Everyone had a different response—from “I wanted to hear someone talk about riding bikes” to “I want to create a similar adventure.” It was good to meet the people who are now the book’s audience.

I’d ask that if you have the book, that you share it with others when you’re done reading it.


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