Yesterday, I was at the Allina Health Trail Mix Race, acting as “support crew” for Kait—my beautiful 21 year old daughter—who ran the 25k event. She was excited to start the race; she tried competing in this event two years ago but had to DNF (did not finish) because she experienced acute pancreatitis. That day, her race ended in the hospital. Finishing strong at yesterday’s event was her chance to complete something she started years ago.

It’s the first time I’ve supported Kait at an event. For the last decade, it’s been the other way around. I’m usually the one doing the triathlon, marathon, century, whatever. But I’ve dialed back on the events in the spirit of slowing things down. It’s been a good decision, in part because slowing down provides the opportunity to support someone else who is in the racing groove. Kait’s in the prime of her athletic life. It’s good to support her success.

What does supporting Kait mean? Well, yesterday it meant waiting 4 hours until she was done with the race and cheering her across the finish line. Then listening to her tell her storied event. Then driving her back to her college and making sure she got the rest she needs.

I have a feeling that supporting her may generate some personal contemplation: maybe I should sign up for another 50k trail run. Maybe it’s time to get back on the course. That’s what happens when you watch someone accomplish something big: it makes you want to do something big too.

I doubt its Kait’s intent to serve as a role model; that’s why, right now, she’s a good role model for me.

kait finishes
Kait finishes with a smile.
kait has fun
Just a bit of a goof.

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