When my wife wakes up in the morning and looks at Rush, our dog, she says “Hello handsome.” He is a handsome dog, and it doesn’t hurt to let him know as much at the start of each day. We rescued Rush last fall. Our dog Lucy had recently passed, and I didn’t like living without a dog. They are noble creatures—good listeners, full of joy, always ready to start the day. We went onto Pet Finder to look for a new canine companion, and that’s where we first saw a photo of Rush with a bit of a description: from a high-kill shelter in Tennessee, smart, full of energy.

It took me about thirty seconds after meeting Rush to realize he was “the one.” So many dogs out there that need good homes, but Rush was the one for our home. It’s been a lot of work; it’s been more than worth it. I love this dog, and not just because he’s handsome (though that certainly doesn’t hurt).

It’s my hope to purchase Rush a dog trailer to pull behind the touring bike. I like the idea of bike camping with him; I bet he’d enjoy it more than I do.

rush 2


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