An Adirondack chair

I passed an old red Adirondack chair while biking to Madison the other day. It was beside a stump of wood, the wood serving as a stand for, I would assume, a book or cup of coffee. It’s situated on the back of someone’s property, between the bike path (which is public) and their garden (an apparent barrier between the private and the public).

How many places do we create for just sitting outside? In this instance, a place to watch the bike riders, dog walkers, and joggers go by? Do we create enough area for contemplative thought and slow action?

I think not, and I wish we would. I have a similar chair in my back yard, but I rarely use it. I even have a fire pit in my back yard with 5 chairs, and we rarely make a fire so we can simply sit there, stare at the fire, and talk to each other.


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