Milwaukee to Madison Ride Report, Part II

On Friday’s bike ride to Madison, I stopped in at Mama D’s in Wales, Wisconsin. It’s just off the bike path, which makes it freakishly easy to role in and have a treat and a coffee. I opted for a breakfast burrito and a black coffee; if the coffee’s good, I take it black, and their coffee comes from Valentine Coffee Roasters.

The atmosphere is splendid: great tables with old fashion chairs, big windows to look out of, natural lighting—it makes you want to sit for a while, which is good if you’ve been cycling. They had live music while I was there, Ted Cefalu, a native of Milwaukee who plays great guitar music at the coffee shop when he’s not working at an IT Designer.

The breakfast burrito was scrumptious. It’s my favorite meal when on a big bike ride, a bit of a ritual if you will. And, it’s fun when you have a breakfast burrito bicycling ritual, because it enables you to be on the lookout for the kind of a place (like Mama D’s) that serves this simple, splendid dish.

It’s one of the benefits of bicycling—being able to eat on a ride. You need your calories while burning them, especially on long rides. And, it’s good to simply get off of the bike once and a while, look around, and take a rest.


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