Realizations of scale

When my student Maya George helped me build this blogsite, she created the logo—a bicycle on a horizon with the phrase “realizations of scale” circling the rear wheel. She did her research to build the website, including a read of The Descent into Happiness. In the book, I make reference to Duggan’s strategic intuition theory, a method by which one can have “realizations of scale,” or ideas that are so big that they can solve large, defined problems. If the problem is big enough, it qualifies as an “epiphany”, though the method works for all sizes and kinds of problems.

I’m glad Maya chose this tagline, because it gets at the purpose of both the book and the blog. I like having realizations of scale, I like it when students have realizations of scale—I like it when anyone has realizations of scale. Each of these blog posts is a realization of scale. The Descent into Happiness ended up being a realization of scale—a much larger scale since I gave myself a month to solve some large, defined problems. But regardless of how large the problem is that you are trying to solve with a “realization”, the point is to have the realization—and then act on it.

The generation of this blog-site is an action based on a realization. The problem I had was what I would do with all of the ideas I had as a result of writing the book, the thought process that was the result of writing the book, a thought process I did not anticipate. It’s good to have the realization, but it’s better to act on it. Otherwise, it’s just an idea, and ideas don’t go very far if they are not put into action.

Note: the above photo was taken while I biked up Logan Pass in Glacier National Park. Sometimes big spaces engender big ideas.


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