Welcome to DavidHowell.org.

I like writing. It’s something I do on a daily basis, usually in a journal, an ongoing document wherein I am the target audience, a vehicle for tracking ideas and events that have meaning. This year, part of the journal turned into a book that’s going to be published soon by Blue Ear Books, an outgrowth of the journal entries I drafted last July while biking from Seattle to Milwaukee. The ride was a “thought experiment”—I wanted to answer some big questions, so I gave myself enough time and space for the answers to arrive.

The problem with writing a book is that it ends, even though the ideas still present themselves. I still capture them in the journal, but I want to share the ideas with others through a new medium. That’s why I’m starting this blog.

I want to thank a student of mine, Maya George, for helping get the website up and running. I agreed to create an independent study that would enable her to demonstrate her Technical Communication skills, and she agreed to help me start this website as part of her course requirements. She created the brand, the graphic user interface, provided loads of advice… a great example of the student educating the teacher. Check out her work.


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